There is no one-size-fits-all in corporate innovation


Corporates are more interested in innovations for today with commercial outcomes related to their core business.

Most organisations are at varying stages of corporate innovation. What we do know is that the pace of change has forced corporates to search for ways to bring new initiatives to market faster and more efficiently. Traditional approaches to corporate innovation can be slow, encumbered by process, and fail to sustain long-term growth.

How Leading Corporates are Innovating

Corporate innovation must be aligned with the corporate strategy and deliver:

Early access to ideas, technology and business models

Rapidly test new products and services

Faster routes to market

Potential investment and acquisition opportunities

Creation of new revenue streams

Improves business efficiency

Valuable market insight and learnings

Increases internal innovation capability

Developes an internal culture of innovation

Access to talent

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01: Metrics that Matter

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02: Executive Engagement

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03: Barriers to Innovation

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04: Maintaining support for your innovation strategy

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05: The science of innovation

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What is right for you?

There could be varying factors that determine your corporate innovation strategy like timing, budgets, industry trends and your people. Slingshot offers both strategic and bespoke innovation programs aligned to your needs.

About Slingshot

About Slingshot

Since 2013, Slingshot have run 21 corporate innovation programs with some of Australia’s leading organisations like HCF, News Corp, Qantas, Lion, Clubs NSW and Caltex. Through a repeatable and scalable engagement model, Slingshot programs combines the scale, resources and access of Corporates, with the agility and innovation of Startups, Scaleups and intrapreneurs to drive commercial outcomes.

Australias leading Accelerator

Australia’s leading provider of corporate innovation programs

  • 21 corporate innovation programs
  • 52 deals created with Startups
  • 91 new products created
  • 8,000 corporate employees engaged
Bespoke Programs

Bespoke corporate innovation programs

Slingshot programs are designed in consultation with you to increase the chance of any new venture being successful. We assist corporates drive innovation through their organisation by helping them leverage the very best of internal and external technology and talent to deliver products and services at pace and scale.

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