Startup Stories

From Slingshot external and internal alumni

Helpful Love – ICON Accelerator 2018

Graduate of the Horizons Regional Accelerator 2018, Kim Oakhill describes her entrepreneurial journey with her Startup Helpful Love.

Pack & Pop – Horizons Accelerator 2018

Pharmacists and tech entrepreneurs Alex and Sylvia Kramm open up about running their Startup Pack & Pop through the second Horizons Accelerator.

School Selector – News Corp News Bolt 2018 Internal Accelerator

By Lucila Pagnoni, Senior Manager, Customer Proposition Development at News Corp Australia School Selector Engaging education customers through niche content. Why did you apply to the program? People should sign-up because it is the one and only opportunity for corporate employees to live and get in the shoes of a true 21st-century entrepreneur. The pace is faster, the…

News Crew – News Corp News Bolt 2018 Internal Accelerator

By Aaron Cliff, National Digital Manager at News Corp Australia News Crew A new approach to accessing high quality video content. Why did you apply to the program? Many reasons; Because I believed that our original concept for Project Lootbox – reaching a younger audience through e-Sport and gaming – was an opportunity that News…

Caster – News Corp News Bolt 2018 Internal Accelerator

Tamsin Rose, News Corp employee talks of her time as a participant of News Corps first internal accelerator, News Bolt.
Her Startup business, Caster speaks to important issues in the company. It is an online marketplace connecting Australian freelance journalists with publishers around the country

Slyp- Caltex Spark Accelerator 2018

Paul Weingarth, Co-Founder of Slyp (Formerly Ping Data) opens up about the Caltex Spark Accelerator program and their business journey as a result.

Checkbox – Qantas AVRO Accelerator 2018

Evan Wong, Founder and CEO of Checkbox on the Qantas AVRO Accelerator 2018: “We loved how outcomes-orientated the program was. This was not a program for PR. Everyone involved was focused on outcomes”.

Found – Qantas AVRO Accelerator 2018

Andrew Joyce, Co-Founder of Found Careers retells his time in the second Qantas AVRO Accelerator program and how his participation has impacted his business.

Thematic – Qantas AVRO Accelerator 2018

Alyona Medelyan, Co-Founder and CEO of Thematic speaks of her journey participating in Qantas’ second AVRO accelerator and how it has created new opportunities.

Camplify – Caltex Spark Accelerator 2018

Justin Hales, CEO of Camplify retells his time working with Slingshot and Caltex in the inaugural Caltex Spark Accelerator.

AgDraft – ICON Accelerator 2018

ICON Accelerator AdDraft

Grace Brennan of AgDraft tells of her time in the ICON Regional Accelerator. “Running a business in rural NSW, The accelerator provided an opportunity for us to connect with networks and expertise that we otherwise wouldn’t have access to.”

DriveYello – Lion Unleashed Accelerator 2017

Steve Fanale, CEO & Founder at DriveYello speaks about his Scaleup businesses’ involvement in the Lion Unleashed Accelerator 2017.

Perx – HCF Catalyst Accelerator 2017

Scott Taylor, Co-Founder at Perx talks about his involvement in HCF’s second Catalyst Accelerator, and the great opportunities it gave to his business.

Vantari VR – HCF Catalyst Accelerator 2018

Vijay Paul, Co-Founder at Vantari VR speaks on his time in the HCF Catalyst Accelerator (Year 3). “As an early stage startup, Vantari VR was ready to take the next step in commercial development. We were keen on being involved with Australia’s number one medtech accelerator to have access to Slingshot’s mentorship and build a partnership with HCF”.

Conexie – Caltex Spark Accelerator 2018

By Matthew Waugh, Co-Founder at Conexie Conexie is an app made up of communication channels which are composed of options that allow uses to drill down and find links, answers to questions or the ability to submit action items. Submissions are similar to a Whatsapp group however the participants are automatically added and typically…

Landmarks ID – Qantas AVRO Accelerator 2017

James Fogelberg of Landmarks ID shares his experience as a particpant of the Qantas AVRO Accelerator.

Picnic Box – Caltex Spark Accelerator 2018

Picnic Box Case Study Header

Diane Stanbra of Picnic: “The platform Slingshot has designed to bring big business and small business together is genius, it actually makes dreams come true. The Caltex engagement, support, communication, advice and connections are invaluable.”

Carbar – Caltex Spark Accelerator 2018

Desmond Hang of Carbar shares his team’s enthusiasm for the Spark program and how it has created synergies between their business and Caltex’s.
“Our biggest learning and take away from the program is how we work with corporates so that a win-win proposition can be provided to both Carbar and Caltex. It’s interesting to see the angle that a corporate approaches from both an innovation and scale perspective.”

SleepFit – HCF Catalyst Accelerator 2018

HCF Catalyst alumni, Melissa Webster, CEO of SleepFit: “My favourite part was definitely the opportunity to engage with Senior Executives direct with the mutual goal of driving outcomes within a 12 week period. It was also what I now call the “entrepreneurial MBA on steroids” which is what we went through with Slingshot”.

Birth Beat – HCF Catalyst Accelerator 2018

HCF Catalyst alumni, Edwina Sharrock, CEO and Founder of Birth Beat reveals how her team became involved with the program.
She explains how her relationship developed with HCF which has lead to exciting new business opportunities.

Tayble – Lion Unleashed Accelerator 2017

Lion Unleashed alumni, Chris McCarney of Tayble opens up about the accelerator, his relationship with Lion and the community that was built around them during their 12 week program.
“We grew 10 X during the 12 week program and have since grown 25 X since it finished”.

Volantio – Qantas AVRO Accelerator 2017

Volantio Case Study Header

Qantas AVRO alumni, Volantio share their story: We’ve tremendously enjoyed working with Qantas’s Revenue Management and technology teams. They’ve proved to be great mentors to us, and beyond that we’ve developed wonderful friendships with our key stakeholders.

Aeroster – Qantas AVRO Accelerator 2017

Qantas AVRO alumni Chris Tippett of Aeroster, shares his Accelerator experience and how he found it as a solo founder. He tells of the value of the Qantas collaboration and how access to Qantas staff really added value to his business.

Compeat Nutrition- ICON Accelerator 2017

Icon Accelerator alumni, Dan Edge of Compeat Nutrition talks on how the program connected thier company to an invaluable business ecosphere and helped them think about their business in new and exciting ways.

Reef Restoration Foundation – Horizons Accelerator 2017

Horizons Accelerator alumni Stewart Christie speaks about his experience in the Queensland based tourism accelerator.
He reveals how the program helped his company, Reef Restoration Foundation to reach new heights.

Canceraid – HCF Catalyst Accelerator 2016

HCF Catalyst alumni, Canceraid talk about how their business has gone from strength to strenth, and is now the go-to resource for anyone affected by cancer worldwide.

HiveUAV – NRMA Jumpstart Accelerator 2015

NRMA Jumpstart alumni Dr Chris Renton and Ilche Vojdanoski, Co-founders HiveUAV tell of their journey in the Program and how it has helped them reach the next level in their business development. “Since completing the program and it’s clear to see that the NRMA Jumpstart has underpinned the step up”.

Gamurs / dot.e.sports – NRMA Jumpstart Accelerator 2014

NRMA Jumpstart alumni, Riad Chikhani of Gamurs reports on his time in the Slingshot accelerator.
“We needed to think differently about our business and the way we built it, and Slingshot offered exactly that”.