The Slingshot Team 

The Slingshot team are Australia’s premier innovators and thought-leaders that create programs that offer real outcomes for corporates.

Slingshot Team - Gary Flowers

Gary Flowers  

Gary was formerly Managing Director of Australian Rugby Union and SANZAR, as well as Managing Partner of Sparke Helmore Lawyers. He has also been Chief Operating Officer of the Mirvac Group, Chairman of Mirvac Hotels and a Director of Etihad Stadium.

He is currently Chairman of the NSW Institute of Sport, Mainbrace Construction Pty Limited, EMM Consulting and DataDot Technology.

Slingshot Team - Trent Bagnall

Prof. Trent Bagnall  

Trent has a strong management, operations and finance background. He took QMASTOR Limited from inception to ASX IPO in 2001. In 2011 QMASTOR was acquired by US Triple Point Technology for $30 million. At QMASTOR Trent developed a world leading enterprise software company.

Trent oversees the management operations of the company as well as international expansion and the Slingshot Investments. Trent manages the relationship with Startup investors including the Slingshot Venture Fund.

Slingshot Team - Craig Lambert

Prof. Craig Lambert  

Craig is a highly experienced sales and management executive. As National Sales Director of Yahoo Australia, Craig helped build Yahoo Australia to become a $50 million business. Craig has a significant background in sports management, advertising and management consulting.

Craig is responsible for the sales and marketing operations of Slingshot. Craig is also responsible for the Slingshot Program Partners management.

Slingshot Team - Brett Thomas

Brett Thomas  
Chief Operations Officer

A professional Chief Operating Officer with 20+ years international experience, Brett has worked in innovation, information technology, automation and technical services industries across all aspects of running businesses from Startups to large corporate enterprises.


Slingshot Team - Renee Sargent

Renee Sargent  
Head of Community & Marketing Lead

Slingshot Team - Ben Weinberger

Ben Weinberger  
Corporate Innovation Advisor

Angela Tan

Angela Tan  
Head of Program Strategy and Design

Our values are about outcomes

Real Conversations

Real Conversations
We say it like it is, we get to the point and are always transparent. We are not a cheer squad for Startups or Corporates.

Exceed Expectations

Exceed Expectations
To achieve excellence for ourselves and our partners we need to constantly exceed expectations. This is where the hard work is done.

Outcomes Driven

Outcomes Driven
All of our actions should be measurable and all of our team accountable.

Comfortable with change

Comfortable with Change
Being a brand that is responsible for helping drive change, we are aware that change and uncertainty is a daily occurrence.