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A Guide To Corporate Innovation: 19 Strategies Not To Do

Given the importance of innovation to drive the longevity, growth, and competitiveness of large corporations, here are 19 strategies that are generally over-used and not helpful. 1. Do the Silicon Valley petting zoo thing – Go to the Valley and tell the troops about how you want to bring innovation from the outside in. Talk about how…

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Innovation Labs Don’t Work

 By Andy Howard, The Village of Useful | Original Article The last three years have seen Nordstrom, Microsoft, Disney, Target, Coca-Cola, British Airways and The New York Times either close or dramatically downsize their innovation labs. 90% of innovation labs are failing. This is a follow-up to our Business Insider ‘Big corporates should just ditch innovation…

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The innovation apocalypse

You don’t need to be a CEO to feel the change. It’s everywhere, it’s in every article you read, the people you talk to and somehow even sci-fi movies feel lest futuristic and more present day. From the catchphrases of blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, AI, AR, and VR, we are all racing on a technological hamster wheel…

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