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Get to Yes – Remove the internal roadblocks to corporate innovation

 By Andy Howard, The Village of Useful | Original Article The default internal answer to a corporate innovation project is often “no”. Let’s get to “yes”. For an innovative corporate project to launch, let alone succeed, a project must escape unscathed from a maze of sign-offs, department approvals and legacy practices. Anecdotally, way more projects are suffocated by process than see…

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What’s all the hype? Why do Corporates work with Startups?

Working with Startups can create real, long lasting impacts on a Corporate’s transformational journey. Having been involved in some of the most high profile Australian Accelerators like Qantas AVRO, HCF Catalyst and Caltex Spark, the reasons why Corporates are seeking Startup interaction go beyond finding new tech. HCF staff talk about their three year transformation…

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