Would Your Company Make the ASX200 ‘Innovation Fund’?

 By Andy Howard, The Village of Useful | Original Article High-growth companies aren’t focused on their existing markets. In 2006, ten companies on the NASDAQ were selected in the ‘UX Fund’, a portfolio of companies with market-leading user experience (UX) design. UX is the commercial engine of the Internet and these companies were selected for their…

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Ten commandments for women in business

It’s hard not to overhear conversations on public transport. Sometimes they make you laugh, make you sad, or make you think. Travelling on the 431 bus into the city this week this is what I heard: She says “It’s such a great role, and I think I can do most of it but there are…

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The value of an idea

EVERYONE has a big idea in them and at Slingshot we get pitched great ideas every day, we hear phrases like ‘‘unique’’, ‘‘game changing’’ and ‘‘it will go viral’’ from entrepreneurs pitching their once in a lifetime opportunity. What we have learnt is that good ideas are everywhere. The value of a good idea is…

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