Corporate Innovation

Quarterly Market Insights – March 2019

corporate innovation market insights

Catch up on the latest and biggest news in corporate innovation across Australia right now including: the state of play, strategy trends, people movement and relevant reads.  State of play of Corporate Innovation in Australia   Corporate leader and CSIRO chairman David Thodey has warned that a national review he is leading has found that Australia’s…

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Slingshot Newsletter for Startups – November 2018

HCF Catalyst,  Australia’s leading health tech accelerator re-opens, calling all health innovators 29 Startups involved in the HCF Catalyst Accelerator Program over 3 years 55% of their alumni are still being supported or are in partnership with HCF 93% of their alumni are growing or have been funded Meet some of the HCF Catalyst Alumni: We found doctors make…

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Doctors make great entrepreneurs

Dr Vijay Paul and Dr Nishanth Krishnananthan had a problem. They were very close to a big issue in medical imaging but had no Startup experience. Their combined experience working in emergency medicine and surgery, across both rural and metro hospitals, had shown them that despite all the advancements in modern medicine, the communication of…

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