Reef Restoration Foundation – Horizons Accelerator 2017

Stewart Christie, Director & Co-Founder at Reef Restoration Foundation
A not for profit social enterprise that is establishing a series of offshore coral nurseries throughout the Great Barrier Reef to accelerate the recovery of damaged high value reefs and strengthen resilience to future bleaching events.

Why did you apply to the program?

To be taken through a professionally run program that would:

  • accelerate the development of Reef Restoration Foundation
  • test, challenge and refine our business model and
  • increase our profile, network and exposure to potential funders

What’s it been like working with the corporate?

We were delighted with the support and mentoring provided by Troy Haines who has encouraged and challenged us through our involvement in the program.

What’s the biggest learning you’ll take away from the Slingshot program?

The value and importance of being able to demonstrate you and your team are investing in your own business before asking others to do so and developing a minimum viable product to demonstrate tangible progress of the business concept and early results.

What was your favourite aspect of the program?

Interacting with other entrepreneurs who are facing similar challenges, sharing and learning from their experiences.

What’s next for your Startup?

Continue to seek further investment, sponsorship and permits to access new locations and expand our program to accelerate the regeneration of damaged coral refs in the Great Barrier Reef.

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