Gamurs – NRMA Jumpstart Accelerator 2014

By Riad Chikhani, CEO at the GAMURS Group
GAMURS is the Ultimate Esports Network, providing top-of-the-line esports articles and live event coverage. At GAMURS, our mission is to provide fans of all different esports games the tools essential to become the ultimate fan.

Why did you apply to the program?

We applied for the program in order to get access to mentoring and business advice that Slingshot could provide. In order to achieve our vision of shaping the future of gaming, we knew we needed to think differently about our business and the way we built it, and Slingshot offered exactly that.

What’s the biggest learning you’ll take away from the Slingshot program?

Don’t even think about vanity metrics. Slingshot emphasised heavily on looking at your business from a key metrics point of view. They often reminded us to not worry or focus too much on things that seemed like progress but actually weren’t.

What was your favourite aspect of the program?

The weekly meetings which held you accountable were my favourite (and most dreaded) aspect of the program. They served as weekly reminders of the job that you needed to, but more importantly of the objective that you needed to achieve.

What’s next for your Startup?

Way too busy working on this one to even entertain that idea at the moment!

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