Canceraid – HCF Catalyst Accelerator 2016

By Dr Raghav Murali-Ganesh, Co-Founder & President, CancerAid
CancerAid empowers the cancer community through digital innovation on a global scale.
CancerAid has quickly become the go-to resource for anyone affected by cancer and is the Number 1 cancer app currently on the Apple Store in Australia, the US and the UK.

Why did you apply to the program?

We applied for the Slingshot accelerator to understand how best to propel CancerAid as a business forward and understand the health technology landscape in Australia

What’s it been like working with the corporate?

Thanks to being a part of the program, here are the stats before and after the 12-week program:

What’s the biggest learning you’ll take away from the Slingshot program?

Understanding the needs of the customer

What was your favourite aspect of the program?

Gaining recognition through being selected and thus raise capital whilst during the program. This fuelled our early growth

What’s next for your Startup?

Currently, we have 2 of the largest health systems in the US as customers and we are also working with leading cancer institutions and health/life insurers in Australia. We are looking to increase our footprint and bring CancerAid to even more patients.

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