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Slingshot confirmed #1 accelerator in Australia

startup accelerator 1

By Trent Bagnall, Co Founder, Slingshot Accelerator Recognised Venture Capital fund Artesian has recently published a study to find the most active Startup Accelerator in Australia. We are delighted to announce that Slingshot sits at the top of the rankings at number 1 and has accelerated more Startups than any other company in Australia. We…

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The innovation apocalypse

Future innovation

 By Ben Hutt, Chief Program Director, Slingshot Accelerator You don’t need to be a CEO to feel the change. It’s everywhere, it’s in every article you read, the people you talk to and somehow even sci-fi movies feel lest futuristic and more present day. From the catchphrases of blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, AI, AR, and VR, we…

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Entrepreneurship helps students prepare for the future of work

By Adam Van Dyck, COO, Slingshot Accelerator What Lies Ahead? When current students graduate they will enter a working world where employees under the age of 25 will change jobs every 2 years. The casualisation of Australia’s workforce will see a continued shift towards freelance contracting and workers will find themselves underemployed and unemployed for…

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