Slingshot Newsletter for Startups – November 2018

HCF Catalyst,  Australia’s leading health tech accelerator re-opens, calling all health innovators

29 Startups involved in the HCF Catalyst Accelerator Program over 3 years
55% of their alumni are still being supported or are in partnership with HCF
93% of their alumni are growing or have been funded

Meet some of the HCF Catalyst Alumni:

We found doctors
make great 
find out why!


Slingshot announces a massive 20 Startups for the second Horizons global travel and tourism accelerator

6 Startups selected to participate in second government-backed regional ICON Accelerator

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Fan+ Cofounded by Rod Harys, Aaron Warburton and Kirill Litovchenko is looking to create unique experiences that money can buy
A text saved my life, and it could save others, hear from Founder Chrys Rhyss Edwards
NAB backs smart receipts Startup Slyp started by ex-PayPal


Dr Vijay Paul, Co-Founder at Vantari VR speaks on his time in the HCF Catalyst Accelerator
Justin Hales, CEO of Camplify retells his time working with Slingshot and Caltex in the inaugural Caltex Spark Accelerator
Steve Fanale, CEO & Founder at DriveYello speaks about his Scaleup businesses’ involvement in the Lion Unleashed Accelerator
Paul Weingarth, Co-Founder of Slyp opens up about the Caltex Spark Accelerator and their business journey as a result



Peter Griffith, Managing Director, 3 Things Consulting

A former partner of rogenSi, Peter is our ‘go-to’ Content Mentor specialising in pitch coaching and idea facilitation.


Tell us what gets you firing every morning?

Vegemite toast. I might be the only American who loves the stuff!

Who inspires you when you look around the Australian business community?

Aussies in general and their work ethic. There aren’t many Australians who rest on their laurels.

What excites you about working with entrepreneurs?

They are always so hungry to learn and so thankful of any help they get.

What’s the biggest lesson you have learnt in building a business or your career?

Listening – it’s a skill that needs to be mastered and constantly practiced.

Tell us something people don’t know about you?

My first job in Australia was as a Barista so I can make a mean Flat White.


Dr Rebecca Sanderson, Co Founder, Consentic

Rebecca is the Co Founder of Consentic, a platform that streamlines the consent for a wide range of medical and dental procedures. Consentic participated in the 2018 HCF Catalyst Accelerator Program.

Tell us what gets you firing every morning?

My burning desire to transform the medical consent process to improve outcomes for patients and clinicians.

Who inspires you when you look around the Australian business community?

The increasing number of incredible female founders, in particular those I met whilst part of the HCF Catalyst Accelerator like Melissa Webster and Edwina Sharrock.

Who have been the greatest influencers in your career?

The British entrepreneur Anthony Harris, whom I met whilst at the University of Cambridge doing the Management of Technology and Innovation program at the Judge Business School.

What’s the biggest lesson you have learnt in building or managing a business?

Challenges are inevitable and persistence is key.

Tell us something people don’t know about you?

I met my Co Founder, Dr Julia Rhodes, in East Timor while we were developing a public health protocol to eradicate scabies.


Join us for the Live Facebook Chat on all things HCF Catalyst before applications close on Friday 23 November.
6pm Tuesday 13 November

Attend the Horizons Demo Day to gain invaluable insight about how tech is disrupting the travel and tourism space.
6pm Wednesday 12 December

Attend the Icon Demo Day to see the regional Startups present their innovative businesses after completing their 10 week accelerator.
5.30pm Wednesday 19 December

Not to be missed, final date for our packed out series.
Free Masterclass in B2B Sales for Startups and their teams.
Wednesday 20 – Thursday 21 March 2019

Health tech Startups, want to meet your peers?

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