Slingshot Newsletter for Startups – August 2018

Are you a travel, tourism, entertainment or leisure based Startup looking to scale globally?

Backed by the QLD Government and Amadeus, Slingshot is running a Brisbane and Cairns based accelerator. Just 4 days left to apply, is this for you?
Horizons Accelerator

Calling all regional Startups!

Slingshot is coming to Newcastle and is looking for all types of Startups and businesses at any stage of their development. Anyone can apply.
ICON Accelerator

Caltex Spark Accelerator Demo Day

Nine out of the twelve Startups in the Caltex Spark Accelerator cohort secured a commercial deal or pilot in just 12 weeks. Meet the Startups and see what Caltex saw in them.
Watch the pitches from the 2018 Demo Day

birthbeat Founder Edwina Sharrock recently secured investment on the TV show Shark Tank but not without showing she is the real deal.
  Big call out to Mike McKiernan from the Deckee Group who is behind the #1 trending app for Lifestyle on the Google Playing Store, endorsed by Transport for NSW.
Big night for Cate Hull from FreightExchange for taking out the 2018 B2B & SaaS Rocks Startup Award.
  Congratulations to Eden Shirley from AutoGuru on launching your first brand campaign across South East Queensland aimed at the savvy female auto market.


Qantas AVRO Accelerator cohort member from 2017 Volantio reflects on their experience and working with Qantas
Desmond Hang of Carbar shares his team’s enthusiasm for the Caltex Spark accelerator and how it has created synergies between their business and Caltex
  Lion Unleashed alumni Chris McCarney of Tayble opens up about the accelerator, his relationship with Lion and the community they built during the 12 week program
  Horizons Accelerator alumni Stewart Christie of Reef Restoration Foundation speaks about his experience in the Queensland based tourism accelerator



Eden Shirley, CEO, AutoGuru

Eden is the CEO of AutoGuro, a later stage Startup that searches and books local mechanics. AutoGuro has just completed the Scaleup program in the Caltex Spark Accelerator. They were voted the 7th most innovative company by the AFR in 2018.


Tell us what gets you firing every morning?

Seriously, it’s not about the what? If you have a vision for the future, you have your compelling why. Find your why, get fired up, and get out of bed, no one else is sleeping in.

Who inspires you when you look around the Australian business community?

This is such a difficult question to answer because there are so many pros and cons with business and success. I admire people that are driven to affect positive change, and I’m ok if they are disruptive. Many of the old ways of doing business need to evolve and adapt to our new order of social values.

What excites you about working with entrepreneurs?

Startups by nature are incredibly tricky. You typically start out with an idea and an unbridling desire to change the world (either yours or others). I want to be part of that.

What’s the biggest lesson you have learnt in building a business or your career?

I live by a few simple truths. 1. Challenge your assumptions 2. Trust your gut 3. Don’t take no for an answer.

Tell us something people don’t know about you?

I love the art of Bonsai. I live in the fast-moving tech world but I love nature and I find it really satisfying to have long-term and slow-moving projects in motion. Mum still has one of my oldest trees at her place!


Mitch Stapleton-Coory, Co-Founder and CEO, Bellr

Mitch is the Co Founder and CEO of bellr, an app that allows you to discover what’s happening live in your city. Bellr participated in the Lion Unleashed Accelerator in 2017.


Tell us what gets you firing every morning?

Besides the obvious litre of piping hot black coffee, stove top only, mornings excite me because it’s the time of the day where there is the most day left to assess your position with a fresh mind.

Who inspires you when you look around the Australian business community?

I’m really fascinated by what Tim Kentley-Klay is doing with Zoox. It’s great to see an Aussie founder taking the fight to some of the biggest tech companies in the world.

Who have been the greatest influencers in your career?

My father taught me to be honourable in my dealings with all people. My mother taught me to cherish intelligence. Christopher Hitchens taught me to be courageous, strident and to take pride in being a contrarian. My Co-Founder showed me the power you can wield when you truly believe in your vision and devote yourself to the achievement of an outcome.

What’s the biggest lesson you have learnt in building or managing a business?

Smooth seas never made a skilled sailor. Don’t shy away from challenges and try to say yes more often than you say no.

Tell us something people don’t know about you?

I can’t whistle. And you won’t be able to teach me. It’s just not possible.


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