Do you have valuable skills that will benefit our startups?

We are looking for mentors with a niche set of skills and contacts that can help Slingshot companies breakthrough road blocks. Our program is designed to be inclusive and open, our success is based on having great mentors.

You will gain early access to great startups and focused entrepreneurs, which may provide new opportunities. You will broaden your personal network across the startup and investment community.

What are we looking for?
What qualifications do I need?
  • Adviser Mentors

    Our Adviser Mentors are a global pool of mentors with a niche set of skills and contacts that can help our companies breakthrough road blocks. You can help our companies learn by your experiences. You have the one little idea that can help our companies get to product/market fit and know the right person to talk via your extensive network. You want to work with great entrepreneurs that you can get emotionally involved with and share their struggle. While you may be called on to offer your services remotely but you will be available and responsive.

    Program Mentors

    This is a group of hands-on mentors that will provide the core learning components of the program. Our program is key to our success, our startups will gain real skills. You will deliver content in your area of expertise in one of these areas:

    • Lean Start Up methodology
    • Branding and Marketing
    • User acquisition
    • Revenue Models
    • Pitching for funding
    • Start up metrics
    • User Experience (UX)
    • Legals
    • Financials
    • Corporate Governance

    Slingshot has a fee structure in place for Program Mentors and you will get deep hands on experience with our companies. You will be available to provide mentor training over a number of days during the 12 week program and be available for follow up workshops with individual founders if required.

  • Be at least one of the following:

    • A current or recent founder of a tech startup (either successful or not) that has gained significant traction.
    • An expert in a field that our companies need with recent experience in building, advising, coding, designing or investing in tech startups.