Announcing Bootstart Entrepreneur Training

Ash Maurya, one of Silicon Valley’s most influential authors and recognised global leader in the startup space, has partnered with Slingshot to launch the entrepreneur training program Bootstart for Australian startups.

Bootstart is designed to take entrepreneurs from initial idea to customer traction as quickly as possible.

The online program runs over an eight-week period and is open to anyone who wants to start a new business or launch a new product, with the first intake starting on the 8th of June. It will include access to Ash Maurya, live webinars and mentor meetings. With this round of Entrepreneurs being given extra training on Pitching to investors and customers by Slingshot mentors.

Slingshot will also use the Bootstart content in the first four weeks of its accelerator program to ensure that participants in the Slingshot accelerator have robust business models that are scalable. So this is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs to get access to the same training a accelerator program provides without going through a 3 month program.

It is clear that Ash’s status and knowledge in the global startup space has been distilled into the Bootstart program. We want to help Ash deliver that knowledge for the benefit of Entrepreneurs across Australia.

The emphasis on the program is on creating better entrepreneurs through coaching and
 external accountability versus just building products and hoping customers will arrive.

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